Have you thought about growing peppers (green, orange, yellow, and red bell peppers) in this year’s garden?

When we asked a gardener they have given us some tips on how to grow peppers the easy way.

I know back in the day I’ve tried to grow peppers and each year I failed.  So I just gave up altogether on the peppers.  I had no problem growing other stuff like corn, beans, peas, and tomatoes but for the life of me, peppers were the most stubborn seed that I’ve had to deal with.

Here are some really cool step-by-step tips for growing peppers the easy way.

  1. Get a two-sheets of paper towels and wet them down.
  2. Open the paper towel up so that one side you and put seeds on.
  3. Sprinkle your seeds on the paper towel (Only one side)
  4. Put the other half of the wet paper towel over the other half with the seeds.
  5. Insert a paper towel with the seeds inside a 1-gallon plastic ziplock bag

After about ten days pull the damp paper towel out of the ziplock bag and gently pull apart the two paper towels.  YOu should now see that some seeds are germinating with tiny little roots.

Grab a small planters pot and add dirt.  Insert the pepper seed that has the tiny little roots into the dirt.  Cover the hole with the surrounding dirt.

NOTE: You only have to bury the seed about a 3/4″ to 1″.

Water the soil and leave sit for about 1 week.  Continue to water until you are ready to plant.

It’s that easy!

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