As homeowners, we learn to investigate several companies and are embedded to always get a second or third quote; the warranties on items that we buy. We look at the length of the warranty, what it covers, and what it doesn’t cover. Yet, despite all of these warranties, we have largely become a disposable society.

Many homeowners forget where the warranties are and if the company that hired to install the product on your home is no longer in business who do you call?  On the contrary, if and when a homeowner decides to sell their home often enough homeowners will not display the warranties associated with the home.  For example, if you had new windows installed and they offer you a 10-year workmanship warranty and parts for 50 years should be available for new prospects to see on your countertop.  This is a great selling point and realtor selling agents should educate their clients in displaying all warranties to the home (washer, dryer, furnace, HVAC, windows, siding, roof, and doors, or anything else that shows the worth and value of the home is also protected.

Nowadays we as a society find that when the television breaks, it is easier to replace it with a new one than fix the old – we do that with so many things! We don’t expect anything to last for more than a few years, let alone a lifetime.

The same is true in how we roof our homes. The asphalt shingles and other conventional materials used in the United States begin to fail the moment they are exposed to the elements. Granule loss and inexpensive “filler” materials ensure homeowners a temporary roof in need of replacement within 12 to 20 years. While conventional roofing materials carry long-term warranties, consumers find time and again that the warranties are heavily pro-rated and have many exclusions. When their roof does need to be replaced, there is minimal or no coverage available to them.

Door Adviser agents are familiar with the different products and services along with the warranties and what they actually mean.  This protects the consumer from falling into a sales trap and broken promises.